Gear & Equipment

Here is a brief rundown of the gear and equipment I use and recommend to others. If you have any questions about the gear I use, or about my feelings or experiences with any other gear, please contact me.


Camera Gear

I shoot Canon, along with various fast (f/2.8 or faster) lenses from Canon, Sigma and Tamron. My primary body is a Canon 1DX, and I also carry a Canon 7D Mark II and a Canon 6D. All three bodies are usually with me when covering sports or news, either fitted with different lenses for flexibility when shooting, or as a backup.




I use a combination of Dynalite Baja 4 portable battery powered monolights and Dynalite Uni400JRg and Phottix Mitros + TTL speedlights in the field. The studio I use in Austin has a number of Paul C. Buff Einstein E640 heads. 



My camera gear is usually in a ThinkTank Airport Accelerator backpack or a Pelican 1535 Air watertight case. Lighting equipment is transported in an SKB Injection Molded Waterproof Case with WheelsIn the field, I’m usually wearing a BlackRapid Harness and use Manfrotto monopods and stands, though my C-Stand is made by Kupo. Always a lens protector by Hoya and the fastest Hoodman Steel cards my cameras can use.



For hearing protection, I prefer Earasers Musicians Hi-Fi Earplugs. When shooting outdoors in the heat or on a long day of shooting, I will use a Camelbak Hydration Backpack and highly recommend the same thing to other shooters. 



Culling, captioning and transmitting wouldn't be the same without Photo Mechanic. It's on virtually every computer in college and pro photo workrooms for a reason. Captioning would be a real pain without Code Replacements, another genius tool that has made a huge difference in my workflow. I use Adobe Creative Cloud, with most of the post-production work in Lightroom. I do use Photoshop occasionally, but find that Lightroom will do most of what I need in my image processing workflow on a day-to-day basis.