Will you shoot me?

Sure. Well... possibly. 

If you're a newborn or looking for boudoir photos, sorry, I won't. I also don't do weddings. There are plenty of talented professional photographers who do engagement, wedding, maternity, and newborn photography, and many are especially talented. It's an area that I prefer to leave to the professionals who know that type of photography best. Same for boudoir. Just not my thing.

I do shoot all kinds of portraits for personal, professional, editorial, and advertising purposes. I also work in a number of other areas, so feel free to let me know about your project and we can discuss your needs.

Why are there more photos from some games than others?

A lot of factors determine how many photos will be 'final edits' from a sporting event. Sometimes, the action just isn't that great and I may have a lot of redundant shots that just aren't worth submitting as final images.

Sometimes, the reason relates to my assignment. Perhaps I was charged with shooting just one team, or focusing only on a list of specific players. In those cases, I won't have as many photos of other players or of the opposing team. 

Another reason may be that during regular season games, I may have been tasked with shooting multiple events, meaning I'm not shooting an entire game from start to finish. I've often photographed the first half of a football game and then used the halftime period to drive 5-10 miles to another stadium where I'd photograph the second half. I've also covered multiple events at a single school. My record is four - soccer, baseball, softball, and a basketball game, all going on at the same school campus at the same time. The newspaper client needed just 6-8 final edited photos from each, so I was able to shoot all four events on the same evening. 

You shoot a lot of some teams but only a few games of other teams. Why?

I shoot by the assignment. In a nutshell, I go where someone pays me to go and I shoot what someone pays me to shoot. Most of my clients for sporting events are news outlets — newspapers, magazines, wire services, or blogs. I shoot the teams & games they hire me to shoot.

Where can I find your photos?

Depends. Many of the photos from 2016 will be here on this site. Click Buy Prints or License Images to see galleries from games and events. Some of my photos are distributed by my agencies and wire services to media outlets around the world, but sometimes an assignment may include exclusive use of the photos by the client. In those cases, the images may or may not be visible here on my site, depending on the nature of the agreement in place with the client.

What about photos from games & events before 2016?

I switched to a new online proofing and gallery system in 2016. While most of my events from 2016 are here, there are a few I'm still working to bring online. The same for images prior to 2016. It's a time-consuming process and I may never get all of those images moved over. However, if you're looking for photos of a specific person — athlete, performer, etc. — or from a specific event, please feel free to message me and I'll have a look.

Do you really wear earplugs at football games? I can understand concerts, but... football games?

Absolutely. Remember, home field advantage is a 'thing' because of the crowd noise. It can get loud enough down on the field that the offensive line sometimes can't hear the quarterback and someone is flagged for a false start. College and pro stadiums are designed specifically to funnel crowd noise to the field to disrupt the opposing team. Most routinely reach 120 decibels at field level — the equivalent of standing 6-8 ft. from Angus Young's amplifier. Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon reached 127.7 decibels and the record was set at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City — a staggering 147 decibels — louder than a jet engine 100 ft. away. So, yes, I use hearing protection.