Purchasing an Image License

When purchasing a photographic print, you are making a purchase of a specific product - a printed copy of the image. No rights to the image are transferred with this purchase - it is a purchase of a print to be enjoyed in your home or office, for your personal use. When purchasing a digital copy of an image, similarly, the copyright and all rights and title to the image remains with the photographer. You are purchasing a digital copy of the image, and the price of that purchase will be determined based on the intended usage. This page is designed to explain the options for purchasing a Digital License in a bit more detail.


This type of license is appropriate if you intend to use an image strictly for personal (not business or commercial) purposes, such as creating a print to hang in your home, for use on your personal social media profiles, etc. However, this license prohibits you from using the image for anything but strictly personal use.

Personal use licenses may not be offered on all images, due to restrictions placed by professional sporting leagues or other organizations.


This type of license is offered for specific use for either editorial or commercial purposes. Known as a 'rights-managed' license, this type of license allows a specific use, or set of defined uses, for a specific period of time. For example, a newspaper or magazine may license an image for publication, specifying certain information such as the area of circulation, number of readers and/or duration the image will be used. A license fee is determined based on that information.

Commercial licenses may also be available, but not all images are available for commercial licensing due to various restrictions. 

A license fee quote will be provided automatically based on your selections. Please, feel free to contact us in case you cannot find the license type that best suites your needs.

To purchase a license, select the appropriate type of license and provide the information requested, and our system will determine the license fee for your selected image. You may add the image license to a cart and continue shopping or check out immediately. 

All payments are processed securely using Stripe's secure payment processing service. Once your payment has been processed and approvced, you will see an on-screen invoice summarizing your transaction. You will also receive an email that confirms these details as well as a copy of the license agreement for your records. Your email will contain a link to download your image(s). Commercial / Editorial Use Licenses will download the full, highest resolution file available. Personal Use Licenses will download the file size matching your specific purchase.